MADE SAFE: Product Safety News

12 Jul 2016 9:32 PM | Sinead C Norenius (Administrator)

With so many changes happening in the industry it's critical we stay abreast.  Jeannie Jearnot, founder and CEO of Beauty Heroes recently wrote a blog post about product safety that we'd like to share:

With the rise in awareness about ingredient safety, a host of new organizations, technologies and certifying bodies have cropped up as well, each with the aim to help educate and navigate the ever-changing landscape of formula transparency.  EWG pioneered the movement with the launch of SkinDeep Database and Skin Deep App, followed by their EWG Verified certification, launched in 2015.  Blogger-activist Sarita Coren recently took an in depth look at Skin Deep, and offered a unbiased account of its strengths and limitations to help citizens understand how to best use this tool. Also on the scene, Think Dirty is another popular tool that rates ingredient safety.

To read the full article, click here go to BEAUTY HEROES's blog

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